Our experienced practitioners rapidly identify opportunities using our bespoke proprietary spend analytics platform, Spendkey.  Collaboratively we then design and execute a strategy to meet your critical business objectives.


Leverage cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, Spendkey

With our proprietary Machine Learning software, SpendKey, we have helped our clients generate millions of dollars in savings.

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cost reduction specialists
Cost optimisation

We combine our cost and commercial category management expertise with our clients to deliver significant tangible savings.

We embed robust cost management frameworks to ensure savings are: identified, tracked, delivered, and sustainable.

- Cost analysis and market/benchmark opportunity assessment
- Resource management and people-related costs
- Third-party costs and supplier relationship management
- Commercial procurement processes
- Cost optimisation framework

supply chain synergy in mergers and acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions

Our services can help you de-risk your investments by providing a better understanding of the cost and opportunities during the pre-deal due diligence.   So if you’re considering a merger, acquisition, or disposal, we will deliver an opportunity assessment of the savings and efficiency opportunity. Alternatively, if you would like to pull multiple spend data sets together, then book a demo of our propriety spends analytics software, Spendkey, to find out more.

strategic sourcing platform
Strategic Sourcing

We pride ourselves on helping organisations make the big decisions quickly.  The days of seven steps procurement are long over. We take a refreshing pragmatic approach (see our three phase TAP methodology) to the biggest strategic sourcing decisions for our clients.  We specialise in indirect procurement across technology, business process outsourcing, marketing, HR, logistics, facilities and professional services. 

spend analysis in procurement
Working Capital

We unlock capital so your organisation can get to work.

- Reduce monies owed
- Extend payment terms
- Demand challenge
- Optimise stock inventory
- Supply chain finance

supplier management
Supplier Relationship Management

Successful supplier selection and contract negotiation is not the endpoint. Effective Category Management and SRM throughout the contract's life are crucial for ensuring the expected cost and value benefits are delivered and sustained.

We help you mitigate risk by gaining a deeper understanding of your critical suppliers and supply chains, and proactively addressing risk as part of your sourcing, performance, and relationship management approach. Effective risk management delivers operational savings as well as greater levels of resilience in times of disruption.

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