February 18, 2021

Why advance spend analytics is essential for revamping procurement?

Today, almost every organisation has multiple processes running simultaneously. Many of these processes require certain goods or services to perform the task effectively, and not all of these goods or services are produced in-house. With globalisation, enterprises now can choose from a variety of suppliers, local and overseas, dissolving the geographical barriers and procuring the best-suited products. Now is also the time, when companies need to manage their spend wisely to deliver the desired outcomes, without compromising the quality of the goods or services.

With the emergence of the pandemic, many supply chain cycles went haywire, leaving many procurement practices compromised. The pandemic caused a reduction in supplies available and increased procurements costs due to several limitations and constraints. So, that meant that it was time for companies to revamp their procurement strategies and processes. And as they steer through the decision-making phase while deciding on strategies that make sense for their organisational functionalities, one component that can turn the tables around is advanced spend analytics.

Spend analytics gives procurement teams real-time insights on their current spend habits, and spend landscape. Advanced spend analytics makes space for availing the opportunities that will save costs and optimise the risk management abilities, based on the data from within and outside the organisation.

Before taking the final call on what should be your company's procurement strategy for the next year or at least a couple of quarters, you must have a detailed view of the industry in real-time along with a complete look into your spend channels and their ROIs.

Now, companies can transition to local suppliers with actionable insights in hand and the ability to rely on quantitative calculations to make the decisions. But, one essential thing to keep in mind is the quality of data. Often, especially when the data comes from procurement processes that are not yet digitised, its quality and relevancy rate is relatively low. So, this makes it difficult for the analytical solution to deliver relevant results. Data cleansing is a massive part of advanced analytics, as the focus here is to identify areas of cost avoidance while optimising the spend.

Once the data is clean and ready to be analysed, the advanced spend analytics solution will consider various costs and investments and calculate the current cash conversion cycles. This analysis can give organisations a real picture of their procurement functionality in terms of the spend and KPI elevation.

Advanced spend analytics also helps enterprises in evaluating what is the current requirement, along with a prediction of future needs. This way, companies can plan well in advance about the processes that will need to be accelerated, brought to a standstill, or keep going as usual.

Procurement is one arena where costs can be incurred not just because of the supplier competencies, quality of the products, but also because of the entire operation's sustainability. Any gaps can lead to cost fluctuations and drainage of the budgets, but advanced spend analytics can identify such gaps and deliver insights to boost critical decision-making activities.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics in the field of procurement are majorly impacting how we go about things. And, now is the time to realise its significance and enforce its implementation to derive exceptional results.