Our Approach.

Our methodology has generated hundreds of millions in value for our global clients while reducing risk and improving operational efficiency.

procurement strategy model

Transformation Acceleration Programme #TAP

Three simple steps that we follow when working with our clients.

  • Understand the challenges through data, discussions, and insights
  • Explore your options in line with your strategy
  • Collaborative execution & delivery

1. Understand the challenges through data and insights

We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and analyse their data, powered by our proprietary spend analytics technology, Spendkey.  Spendkey, has been developed by highly experienced practitioners, using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. We automate data collection across multiple platforms, classifying and normalising third party expenditure to generate a wealth of insights for savings delivery, strong supplier partnerships, reducing risk and more. Our process of executing trend analysis, flagging anomalies in behaviours, and benchmarking enables us to determine the levels of sophistication within each category.

2. Explore your options in line with your strategy

With our diverse deep-domain expertise, we layer on top your business strategy to craft transformative solutions for organizations.  Each specific category and sub-category will have a weighted decision matrix, to enable you to make decisions with a high degree of confidence and introduces the potential for a further partnership with Cabritski.

3. Collaborative execution

We use world-class best practices and processes, people and systems to understand our clients’ behaviours and values so that together we can deliver results the are owned and achieve by you.  We create a performance culture for continuous improvement.