About Us.

Cabritski was formed in 2011 to provide cost reduction and indirect procurement services to Private Equity (PE) houses and their portfolio companies. We utilize a distinctly unique methodology aimed at Operating Partners and C-suite Officers looking to control spend and efficiency.

Our Transformation Acceleration Plan has generated hundreds of millions in savings for our global clients, all facilitated by our proprietary spend analytics technology, Spendkey.

We solve the most significant challenges organisations face as they digitally transform, enabling the business to realise a sustainable market competitive advantage and create a tangible impact on the bottom line. Cabritski has a proven track record of delivering cost savings via operating model efficiencies, the transformation of technologies, and suppliers' rationalisation. Cabritski will accompany you throughout the process of selecting the right partners and providing methodologies, training, best practices, and tools created based on our extensive experience.

Our values are our core beliefs, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviors.

A grounded culture led by a clear set of values leads our long-term strategy and daily operations for Cabritski and our clients. We believe in working together to create positive change to better the world.

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An expression of integrity and dedication for our clients, our team, and our work.

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Synergy and passion guide Cabritski’s relationships, both internally and externally.

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We build scalable solutions to make an enduring change.